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Our Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Hawke’s Bay Wine Country is New Zealand’s leading food and wine region. With over 2200 hours of sunshine, Hawke’s Bay is a year-round holiday destination with an eclectic mix of visual and sensory experiences.

Located on the east coast of the North Island, the landscapes of Hawke’s Bay begin with the high, forested Ruahine and Kawkeka Ranges. From the mountains the land sweeps down towards the coast, flattening out to become the Heretaunga Plains.

This is the essence of what attracts visitors to Napier, Hawke’s Bay and The County Hotel as a whole, so it is not surprising that preserving it for future generations is foremost in our thoughts.

Some initiatives are already in place to minimize our impact on the local environment include:

Energy Consumption:

Reducing energy consumption makes perfect sense for a business like The County Hotel,

We reduce our impact on the local environment, minimize our contribution to global problems and reduce the costs associated with running the business.

  • We use an on-demand gas water heater to reduce the energy consumption.
  • Energy efficient light bulbs are used where ever possible.
  • The main laundry washing machines are running at low temperature settings to reduce hot water consumption, while not compromising the wash quality.
  • Installed slow flow shower heads and flow restrictors on many taps.
  • All our rooms have double glazing windows to help reduce heat loss.
  • Our maintenance programme focuses on energy efficiency and sustainability.

We are constantly working to ensure that our chemical use is kept to an absolute minimum

  • Researching necessary chemicals based on environmental impact as well as effectiveness.

Solid Waste

We at The County Hotel are committed to doing our bit to reduce the amount of waste going into local landfills.

  • We have systems in place to recycle paper, cardboard, glass and plastics from Hotel use.
  • Our hotel administration has taken many steps to reduce its paper use and circulate internal communications electronically rather than use printed documents.

Supply Chain

  • We source in season produce from local suppliers where ever possible to minimize “food miles” and of course to take advantage of the excellent local products.
  • Our Guest supplies (shampoos etc) are all biodegradable where appropriate.
  • Linen changing options are given to our guests.

We welcome your suggestions for how we could improve our environmental performance, please email us.

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