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Breakfast Menu for The County Hotel

Breakfast Menu

The Continental Breakfast Buffet  $17.5                                             
Assorted yogurts, natural yogurt, fresh fruit salad, selection of whole fruits,
choice of cereals, home made muesli and nut selection.
Danish pastries, croissants, white or wholegrain toast, selection of jams & spreads.
Freshly baked cupcakes, euro continental platter, selection of fine teas and filter coffee.
Orange, apple and tomato juice.

The Express Breakfast  $10.5                                                                                                
White or wholegrain toast with condiments, orange juice, choice of tea or coffee

The County “Country Breakfast”  $19.5 / **$28.5    
Two free range eggs of  your choice, bacon, pork sausage,
grilled tomato, hash brown, with white or wholegrain toast

Traditional Home-made Buttermilk Pancakes  $15.5 / **$24          
Berry compote and vanilla yogurt

French toast 
$16.5 / **$25
aramelised bananas, crispy bacon & maple syrup

Free Range Eggs on Toast  $14 / **$22.5
Poached, fried or scrambled with white or wholegrain toast
Te Mata grilled cheese sandwich 
$12.5 / **$21

Whole Egg Omelet with bacon, tomato,  $15.5 / **$24
onion & cheese

Served with white or wholegrain toast

**$ Price includes continential selection

Crispy Bacon  $4             
Pork Sausages  $4           
Hash Brown  $3                                                             
White or Wholegrain Toast  $3                                                            
Grilled Tomatoes  $3                                                   
Grilled Mushrooms $4                                                
Beverage Selection                                                                         
Tea Selection  $3.50
Latte  $4.00
Flat White  $4.00
Short Black  $4.00
Long Black  $4.00
Hot Chocolate  $4.00 
Download Breakfast Menu PDF**                     

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